Client Reviews
                         "​It's always impressive when you find someone like Lupe who is passionate and caring about her work and always gives you her full attention.  I see her for esthetician services and I am impressed with her professionalism and knowledge and I always feel she has my best interest at heart with her recommendations for products and services.  I have always used natural skin care products but never found anything I was completely happy with.  I'm using Remédios Skin Care the Collagen Elastin Cream and Vitamin C Protection SPF 15 and they are more hydrating without any greasiness than anything I've used before and they are paraben free which is important to me.  The lip care product Peptide X3 Lipcare is a bit pricey but feels amazingly rich and softening."    ...Rose S.   Thousand Oaks, CA   7/10/12
                         "I have been using these products for 3 years because they work very well on my sensitive, fair skin.  I stock up on all my favorite products.  The Peptide Eye Perfector and Wrinkle Relaxing Cream are deeply moisturizing.  I can actually feel them soaking into my skin.  The Peptide X3 Lipcare goes on clear and smooth with a wand applicator and with a nice, refreshing tingle.  Over time, this product has resulted in less fine lines around my lips.  I also use the Peptide Protection SPF 30. It’s light and goes on without any 'white' sheen.  Between scheduled facials, I also use the Micro-Derm Cream to help with removing debris accumulations.  As a nurse, I really love that Remedios Skin Care ingredients have been selected to be non-toxic.  I am confident they are safe and would highly recommend trying this excellent product line."    ...Suanne S.   Thousand Oaks, CA​   7/8/12
                         "I am very impressed with the Remedios Skin Care line.  I have been using the Pore Refining Toner, Vitamin C Protection SPF 15 and Wrinkle Relaxing Cream.  My skin has never looked better! I love the compliments I receive; asking me if I have had Botox or other work done to make me look younger, when in fact I owe my skin's vitality to these wonderful products."    ...Linda M.   Malibu, CA   7/8/10
                         "I've struggled with skin care products my whole life and have had little success even with the very expensive department store products.  When I met Lupe, I was actually a representative for a skin care company selling their products which made it seem silly to try Remedios, but because I was not thrilled with my the appearance of my skin (specifically random acne and large pore size) and since Lupe is so genuine and knowledgeable and I really began to trust her quickly, I gave a couple of her products a try.  Within a short time, not only did I stop using the old products I was selling, but also I gave up selling them all together.  I simply was astonished by the quality and RESULTS I felt and saw. (and other people noticed too!)  Lupe also gave me tips on how and when to use the products for my specific skin that, anyone can see, is absolutely working for me!  Living with healthy skin has made my daily routine easier and has allowed me to enjoy life that much more.  I am very grateful for Lupe, her passion and her vision!
    ...Rebecca W.   Oak Park, CA   7/10/12