About Remedios Skin Care
Concept, research and creation by Lupe Guthrie, Esthetician and L.M.T.
"I grew up in Mexico, steeped in the Aztec, Mayan and Spanish cultures. There, I learned from my grandparents and older family members many of the ancient techniques and remédios (remedies) for family health care. I also researched additional healing techniques and nutritional health support."

"In my occupation as a modern beauty and wellness practitioner, my continuing goal is to incorporate my own nurturing instincts, modern science and the traditional solutions used by the native peoples of an earlier generation."
The proof is in the results!

Our Clinical Anti-Aging, Target Solutions, Vitamin C, Hydra Essence, Enzymatic System, Cosmetics & Body and Sunscreen products help manage your skin's stress and fatigue, and optimize vibrancy, health and youthful radiance. Always in sync with your skin's own biology,
Remédios Skin Care makes sure that everything works together to achieve the best results.

Our goal is to continually provide high-quality and effective formulations that meet the ever-evolving consumer desire for beauty and wellness.

Lupe Guthrie has been established in California in the healing, health and beauty industry for over 20 years